Legal capacity & the need to protect vulnerable clients 

Clients approach lawyers for a variety of advice that canvass issues across a spectrum of sensitive and important matters. We often say that people see lawyers when they are in need of assistance. Often this assistance may be heightened by an event or tragedy, which affects clients capacity and leave them vulnerable.  In dealing with vulnerable clients, legal practitioners … Read more

Can a traffic offence be a criminal offence?

If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence in Queensland there is a chance that this may be recorded on your criminal history. While most traffic offences are minor offences, if the traffic offence is of a serious enough nature, it may end up on your criminal history depending on various circumstances.   If you … Read more

Can I travel interstate and internationally in 2022?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on interstate and international travel.   Previously in Australia, there have been strict travel requirements including the closure of interstate and international borders. The control of border entry requirements is administered by the state and territory governments and subsequently, rules varies from state to state.   In Queensland, these … Read more

The Ongoing Fight against Domestic Violence

As a widespread community issue, domestic violence is a top national priority for the Australian Government. Annually, violence against women costs the government $26 billion. [1] This includes the costs associated with increased demand within the health system and justice system, and the impact on employment. [2] In its fight against domestic violence, the Australian Government recently allocated $150 million within the 2020-2021 … Read more

What are the Privacy Laws for Employment Verification?

When applying for a new position, a potential employer will want to verify a candidate’s credentials. Falsifying information is not uncommon and this process ensures employers are hiring candidates with bona fide experience.   According to the Future of Work 2021 Special Report “employers reported that 66% ‘exaggerate skill level’ on their resume “  These statistics combined with the growing job seeking population demonstrate the value … Read more