Can a management committee limit membership numbers?

Management Committees must adhere to it’s Constitution regarding the scope of their powers, including membership admission. The following case demonstrates the important role of a Company’s Constitution in clarifying and limiting the powers of the management committee.   Singh v Brisbane Sikh Temple   The case of Singh v Brisbane Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) Inc [2022] QSC … Read more

How can I support someone experiencing Domestic and Family Violence?

What is Domestic and Family Violence?  Domestic and family violence happens when one person in a prescribed relationship uses violence or abuse to control the other person.   Is domestic and family violence an isolated incident?   This behaviour normally involves ongoing patterns of behaviour which makes the victim feel unsafe and afraid.   Who can be affected … Read more

Domestic and Family Violence 2022 QLD Reforms

In a historic and groundbreaking move, on 10 May 2022 Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a suite of Queensland reforms addressing domestic and family violence.   In a joint statement, The Queensland Premier and the Attorney General, Shannon Fentiman, provided an overview of the updates including:   “New laws and programs to recognise, prevent and punish coercive control … Read more

Post Covid-19 Updates for Businesses – Check In Collection and Restrictions Lifted

As Queensland and the rest of Australia experience a Post Covid-19 transition, various changes and updates have been introduced.   This article provides an update on the easing of restrictions for businesses.   What business restrictions have been lifted?  From 14 April 2022, there are no more check in or vaccination requirements for the following businesses:   Hospitality … Read more


The case of Allen v O’Donnell & Anor [2021] QSC 63 involved a Plaintiff who received approximately $2.5 million damages following a significant vehicle collision in 2015. While he had extensive physical injuries, the court determined that it was the psychological and psychiatric injuries that were the dominant injuries.   Although the client had some psychological … Read more

What defences do I have to an assault charge?

In Queensland, there are three types of assault charges:  Common Assault   Assault occasioning bodily harm  Serious Assault   These are serious criminal offences as all assault charges may attract a term of imprisonment.  This article focuses on two common defences to assault: Provocation and Self-defence.   Provocation  What is Provocation?   According to s268 of the Queensland Criminal … Read more

Aggravated or Serious Assault

In Queensland, there are three types of assault charges:  Common Assault   Assault occasioning bodily harm  Serious Assault   This article focuses on the second type of assault charge in Queensland, Aggravated/Serious Assault.   For more information about Common Assault, visit What is Common Assault?   Aggravated or Serious Assault  Under the Queensland Criminal Code, aggravated or serious assault … Read more

Government Flood Relief for Small Businesses

The South-East Queensland Rainfall and Flooding from 22 February – 7 March 2022 was a natural disaster that affected many small businesses.   At Corney and Lind Lawyers, we commend the recent efforts of the Queensland and federal government, who have since released grants and relief for disaster-hit small businesses.   This article details the eligibility and … Read more