How Do Criminal Proceedings Impact My Blue Card?

In Queensland, a blue card is required for anyone who wishes to work or volunteer with children. The regime is administered by Blue Card Services and is governed by the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000.   For industries in which a blue card is necessary for work – such as childcare, or youth … Read more

Starting Life Again

Anderson v Commissioner of Police [2021] QSC 254 On 22 November 2013, following a jury trial, the Supreme Court of Queensland sentenced Mr. Tony Anderson to serve effectively 8 years imprisonment for a ‘serious violent offence’. The court also disqualified him indefinitely from holding or obtaining a drivers licence. On 12 October 2021, in Anderson … Read more

Edwards v Queensland Police Service [2021] QDC 88

The District Court of Queensland has recently allowed an appeal against sentence, finding that the learned Magistrate initially imposed a sentence which was manifestly excessive. The Magistrates Court Proceedings On 9 March 2021, Mr. Aaron Leigh Edwards (Mr. Edwards) pleaded guilty to two counts in the Magistrates Court. The first, a charge of willful damage … Read more

Falling in a Maccas Carpark

Belmont v McDonalds Australia Limited [2020] QDC 319 In a decision from the District Court of Queensland delivered on 11 December 2020, a 46-year-old mother was denied her claim for compensation against McDonalds Australia Limited (‘McDonalds’). The decision is another reminder that every case will turn on its own facts, and to always look out … Read more

Three Key Changes to the QLD Criminal Code relating to Child Sexual Offences Reform

Criminal Code (Child Sexual Offences Reform) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2020 The Criminal Code (Child Sexual Offences Reform) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2020 was assented to by Queensland Parliament on 14 September 2020.   This article will summarise three key changes to the Criminal Code which have arisen from this amending Act. Note … Read more

The Largest Award in Western Australian History

Historical Child Sexual Abuse Lawrence v Christian Bros [2020] WADC 27 In February of this year, Chief Justice Herron of the District Court of Western Australia ordered that catholic religious organisation, Christian Brothers, pay $1,329,500.00 in damages to Mr. John Thomas Lawrence. The case concerns systemic and traumatic child sexual abuse against Mr. Lawrence which … Read more

Don’t Cough in the Nurse’s Face

This is a case note on when a cough during COVID-19 can lead to an unfair dismissal? See: Hooshmand v Cater Care Australia Operations Pty Ltd [2020] FWC 4371 On 27 March 2020, as the risk of a COVID-19 pandemic in Australia became heightened, Mr Hooshmand (‘the employee’) arrived to work for Catering Care Operations … Read more

Sorry Not Sorry! Employer Protection for Apologies and Expressions of Regret

The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act) establishes a workers’ compensation scheme for Queensland – providing benefits for workers who sustain an injury in their employment. The Act outlines employers’ obligation to be covered against liability for compensation and damages either under a WorkCover insurance policy or under a licence as a self-insurer.[1] … Read more

America’s Got Talent and the Golden Thread

On Sunday morning, while scrolling along my social media newsfeed, I came across one of those inspirational, uplifting (and often yes, I concede, sappy) America’s Got Talent Audition videos.   This audition video centred around a 45 year old man African American man named Archie Williams who, in 1983 was incarcerated for the rape and murder of a 32-year-old woman in the State of Louisiana.    … Read more