Can control and assets of a Family Trust be given as a gift in my Will? Reschke v Reschke [2017] SASC 192

This question was raised before the Supreme Court of South Australia in the case of Reschke v Reschke [2017] SASC 192, concerning a discretionary family trust called the Rocky Castle Trust (“Trust”), and the last Will of Mr Reschke (“Will”). It was generally accepted by the parties in dispute that it was not possible for … Read more

How To Manage your Charity and Meet ACNC Requirements

By Kathleen Stonehouse & Courtney Linton The national charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (the “ACNC”), has recently revoked the charity status of a NSW charity following an investigation into the activities and operations of the organisation. The implications of this revocation are significant. Notably, the organisation’s Commonwealth charity tax concessions have been removed, being the … Read more