To disclose or not to disclose: Commissioner clamps down on fishing expedition in proceedings.

Case Summary – Kirby v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 225 If a dispute between two or more parties escalates into litigation in a Court, Tribunal or Commission Hearing, often the parties are under obligations to disclose to the other side all documents and information that is relevant to the either the matter or an … Read more

I need medical treatment in Australia & need an accompanying family member to help me. What Australian visa do I apply for?

If you are wanting to get medical treatment in Australia and are not an Australian citizen (or providing support to someone seeking medical treatment), you may wish to apply for a Medical Treatment (UB-602) visa (MTV).   The following article provides some guidelines and questions you can consider in deciding whether an MTV visa is appropriate … Read more

Serious misconduct includes recording workplace conversations and not following Covid-19 Mandates

The compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers was a government mandate introduced to combat Covid-19 throughout Australia. The legal decision of Barbara Roman v Mercy Hospitals Victoria Ltd [2022] FWC 711 provides a recent and clear finding by the Fair Work Commission on the enforceability of these mandates AND on the recording of workplace conversations. In … Read more

My house has suffered storm and flood damage. What should I do?

Many properties have been affected by the recent storms and floods in South-East Queensland at the end of February 2022. This led to many homeowners checking their insurance for coverage.   This article answers some frequently asked questions for homeowners concerning:   What steps should I take if my house has been damaged?   What is flood cover?   … Read more

Can I recover my legal cost for defending my request for rehabilitation services?

Case Note: McIntyre & Anor v AAI Limited (No 2) [2021] QSC 286  Costs orders in applications for rehabilitation services orders can be made where court orders have been made allowing rehabilitation services (as needed) by an applicant.  The test is whether such rehabilitation services are reasonable in the circumstance of the injury. This occurred … Read more

My business has been impacted by the recent storms and flood. What do I do?

Many commercial businesses have experienced storm and flood damage with the recent storms and flooding in Brisbane. The adverse weather conditions causing havoc and loss across South-East Queensland.  As a business operator, you may have experienced physical damage to the premises such as water and mould damage, structural harm to the building and loss of … Read more

Employer receives significant fines for sexual harassment & discrimination

Ms Golding, the Complainant, commenced work at The LaundryChute Pty Ltd on June 2017 where Mr Sippel, the Respondent, was both the manager and owner of the business. Ms Golding is a single mother, financially responsible for her four children. Originally from the Philippines, Ms Golding spoke English as a second language. Ms Golding and … Read more