Responding to a Domestic Violence Protection Order

I’ve been served with a Protection Order Application or a Temporary Protection Order. What should I do? It’s important to take the matter seriously and make an appointment to see a lawyer.  Domestic Violence Applications are treated seriously by the Courts in Australia. Once an Order is in place (temporary or final), the terms set … Read more

Online safety for domestic violence

Practicing online safety – What you can do to protect yourself  It’s now commonly understood that domestic violence can occur in many different ways. Unfortunately, as lawyers, we regularly see technology being used to control and dominate a partner. This can occur in a range of ways, for example: reading a person’s SMS messages without … Read more

Is It Really Domestic Violence?

Despite the prevalence of domestic violence in Australian families, community attitudes still seem to be ‘out of step’ with the facts. As a first step to helping someone who is in an abusive relationship, it’s important to know how the law defines domestic violence. In Queensland, this primarily means looking at the Domestic and Family … Read more

Impact of domestic violence on family property settlement

Domestic Violence is a destructive and prevalent issue locally in Australia, and globally. Domestic violence homicides account for a significant proportion of Australian homicides, and the detrimental effects on victims can be long lasting. With Australia being a “no fault” jurisdiction for Family Law, the traditional view in property matters was to reject the relevance … Read more

I know someone suffering Domestic Violence, what do I do?

Given the reported prevalence of domestic violence in our society (DVConnect’s summary of domestic violence statistics is available here), it is not uncommon for a friend, family member or even your neighbor to be suffering from domestic violence, in its various forms (we discuss some of the different types of domestic violence recognized at law … Read more

Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Given the prevalence of Domestic Violence[1], it is no surprise that its damaging effects effect victims of domestic violence at work. Often, domestic violence can affect an employee’s ability to regularly attend work, their performance whilst at work, their productivity and the safety of both the victim of domestic violence and their colleagues. For victims … Read more

Domestic Violence Resources Page

For many people who are having to respond to domestic violence, it is a difficult time. Victims of domestic violence and their children are often confronted with a bewildering array of (sometimes contradictory) information at times when they need clear information, and a pathway out of the place they are at. People assisting victims and … Read more

BUDGET UPDATE: The 2021-22 Federal Budget – What it promises for the domestic and family violence sector and what to expect

On 11 May 2021, The Hon. Joshua Frydenberg (Federal Treasurer) delivered the 2021-22 Federal Budget. This Budget emphasized a significant focus on women’s safety and health, especially as it relates to domestic violence. This article addresses the expenditure for domestic and family violence victims. According to the Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare, women … Read more