2020 Employer Takeaways

Following the unpredictable and complex nature of the 2020 employment landscape, our office has compiled some ‘best practice tips’ to help employers venture into the new year with confidence and understanding. TIP 1: Save money in the long run by investigating employee concerns Failing to investigate employee concerns can be costly. One employer learned this … Read more

The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project is an initiative of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (“the Courts”) to better protect parties and children involved in family law proceedings who are experiencing family violence and/or other safety risks.   How does it work?  The Lighthouse Project involves the following process:  Screening  When a party files an Initiating … Read more

ASIC’s Cybersecurity and Privileged Documents Test Case

Australian Securities and Investments Commision v RI Advice Group Pty Ltd [2020] FCA 1277 Cybersecurity continues to be an area of focus for businesses and organizations. In June 2020, the federal government announced a $1.35 billion investment into protecting Australian businesses from foreign and domestic cybercrimes and cyber threats. Following this announcement, Prime Minister Scott Morrison emphasised the … Read more