I heard it through the grapevine: social media as a vehicle of defamation

Social media provides a widely accessible platform for information to spread. In this digital age, it has revolutionised the manner and speed in which information is acquired, communicated and dispersed. A quick tweet can significantly influence an audience. In 2015, a tweet about buying shares on Twitter saw Twitter’s share price increase by 5 per … Read more

What happens if I intentionally injure someone in order to protect myself and/or my family?

Case: Corowa v Winner & Anor [2019] QDC 135 Background On the 14 September 2009 Brenton Winner deliberately drove his vehicle onto the footpath and over the right foot of Isaiah Corowa in order to protect his fiancée and grandmother from being physically and verbally attacked. Corowa was taken to hospital and suffered four separate … Read more