Will Making

Preparing a Will  (Last Will and Testament)

We have streamlined Will preparation – to save you time & money. No matter where you are in Australia you are able to use our specialist Will preparation services.

Our “1,2,3 Will Making” process – all in one visit – at our office or by phone & email

STEP 1 We meet with you (in person or by phone) to take your instructions, answer questions and provide some preliminary advice. This 30 minute consultation will cost you $195.00 (incl GST) – fixed fee. At the end of this conference we provide a fixed fee quote for your Will (and Enduring Power of Attorney if applicable). If you accept the 1,2,3 quote the $150 initial consult fee will be rebated in it. If not, the $195 is payable and that’s all. [As rule of thumb a standard Will will often cost $330 for one or $550 for two (which includes the $195)]
STEP 2 If you accept our 1,2,3 quote, you get a break to go and have a coffee (30-40 mins) while we produce the documents in accordance with your instructions
STEP 3 We meet you again (in person or by phone), provide the documents to you, walk though them with you explaining them to you and, sign them on the spot in 20-30 mins. If you cannot come into our office we will email the documents to you with detailed instructions for signing.

Pensioner Discount

Take a further 10% off our usual costs.

Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?

We offer the same 1,2,3 process for Enduring Powers of Attorney and a package discount if you do a Will and Enduring Power of Attorney at the same time. Read more …

Don’t put off preparing your Will

Preparing a Last Will and Testament is something that is often put off until you can get around to it. Sadly loved ones are often left with a lack of clarity and complex estate administration, or worse, dispute and litigation, simply because the Will maker had good intentions but did not ensure that an up-to-date Will was in place.

Will Making at the Royal Brisbane Hospital or at your home

We are often asked to see clients (including the clients of other lawyers) at the Royal Brisbane Hospital or at your home. We are happy to do so. Extra charges will apply but we are happy to provide a fixed fee quote for them.

We will securely store your Will for free

We will securely store your Will (and other documents) for free. Your documents are available to you or your estate at any time on request and without a retrieval or forwarding fee. You and your estate can use whatever lawyer you like – no strings attached!

Want to know more about Will making? – attend a Will making seminar in our Brisbane office

We recently ran our first in-house free client seminar Elder Law which included a session on Estate Planning and Wills –Estate Planning – 5 Key Estate Planning steps to take now that will save your loved ones thousands of dollars (presented by Andrew Lind, Partner). The seminar was run in our new Brisbane office Training Room. This seminar was so well received that we are repeating it. Find our more.

Free client parking at our Brisbane office

When you make an appointment with one of our lawyers we usually are able to reserve one of our client car parks under our building for you to use free of charge. Make sure you ask about a car park when making your appointment.

Some factors that may mean your Will is not “standard”

  • If you require detailed superannuation advice or Binding Death Benefit Nominations
  • Life Interests or rights to reside
  • Multiple specific gifts rather than all of the estate in certain shares to certain people
  • Providing for a child or children with a disability
  • If your estate is of significant value, for example, worth over $1M dollars
  • Blended families, for example, having children to different marriages or partnerships
  • Providing Guardian Guidelines that outline your wishes for your children’s upbringing to a guardian
  • If complex trusts are required, for example, protective or multilayered testamentary discretionary trusts
  • You have other entities like a self managed super fund, companies or family trusts
  • You are wanting to leave someone out of your Will

Some Webinar recordings from our Brisbane Will Lawyers that may assist you

Wills and Deceased Estates disputes and litigation in Qld (Webinar 9 October 2013)

Elder Law – Estate Planning – 5 Key Estate Planning steps to take now that will save your loved ones thousands of dollars and Moving into a Retirement Village – 6 things you should know before you sign (Webinar 16 October 2013)

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