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We are Specialist Brisbane Family Lawyers. Our Solicitors are based at our offices at Herston (opposite the Royal Brisbane Hospital on the CBD fringe).

Let’s start with the main question we receive:

I’ve separated from my partner…… What now?

When relationships end, that’s sometimes the beginning of a lengthy process that can involve a number of different practical, legal and social issues. But whilst there is only 1 separation, many legal matters can arise from that one separation

It is critical that parties do not rely on anecdotal experiences of friends, family, and informal advisors – Family law is complex, it changes regularly, and it is different according to a family’s individual circumstances. The Family Law Act 1975, Child Support ActDomestic and Family Violence Act 2012 together make up a lot of the family law in Queensland. You can access them yourself, but working out where to look for answers can be a bit like a maze.

We can help. Our team of Brisbane Family Lawyers are solicitors that have the Family Law experience and knowledge to help navigate you through what is often a very traumatic time. We understand the emotional dynamics of separated families and can respond to your legal needs compassionately and professionally. We give you the information you need, and empower you to make decisions for your family. We are specialists – and have intentionally spent a lot of time building up our skills and knowledge to help our clients –  we’re not solicitors who do family law as an afterthought!  We are also proud members of the Family Law Practitioners Association.

At the end of a relationship, it’s normal to feel intense emotions. Sometimes this makes it difficult to focus on working through the practical issues and legal issues that arise. We understand this. You may find it useful to look at our factsheet, “First steps after separation”.

Sometimes both spouses have a commitment to separate as amicably as possible and to settle matters well outside the Family Law court system. If that’s you, that’s great – but it is vital that both have good, independent advice so you have sufficient information about options and entitlements to be able to make good decisions.

We have an emphasis on settling Family Law disputes early. This gives you good outcomes, as quickly as possible, at a lower cost, with the least amount of anxiety and distress. Of course, not all matters can be settled out of Court. If that is your matter, our Brisbane Family Lawyers have the experience to assess your case, plan a strategy to meet your needs, and execute that strategy efficiently.

We’re here to help guide you through your Family Law legal matters after separation. Please call our Brisbane Family Lawyers  on 07 3252 0011 to discuss how we can help you.

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Corney & Lind Lawyers Family Law Team members are also members of the Family Law Practitioners Association.







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